In 2023 I started the long process of distilling my thoughts and beliefs into systems that could help me live a better life. Each of the values below contains something I believe to be a thread of universal truth, and in that way, is delightfully unoriginal. The list isn't exhaustive and it will change over time. The choices of these particular values reflect my experience and my nature.

Curiosity > Knowledge

When we think we know we tend to stop thinking. Once we stop thinking, we start judging. It is good to know but I choose to always remain skeptical and curious so that I might learn where I can grow in understanding.

Intuition > Insights

Sometimes we worship external information too much. Insights from other people or sources of data reliably contextualize the past, but you can't learn outside yourself what your future holds. You have to have a vision for it and bring it to life.

Ethics > Economics

What's good for business sometimes conflicts with what's good for all. Since we can rationalize decisions we've made emotionally we are at risk of fooling ourselves. I want to make money, but when push comes to shove I will choose to lose it.

Candor > Comfort

We all crave comfort, and sometimes being candid appears to threaten that. But real connection only comes with honesty and truth telling/listening. So while I cherish comfort, I also find connection in discomfort.

Patience > Persistence

Persistence is a powerful virtue. It is necessary to get nearly anything that you want. But an indicator persistence has crossed a line is a lack of patience. It is good to want, but a patient desire will beat out pure persistence.